Open Source

My open source projects

iOS and Android Apps, CocoaPods, Gems, server side and silly things. I try to contribute to as many projects as I can and just have fun 😃.

  • App Store Rating and Review Dashboard

    Health dashboard to show the current rating and reviews of your Apps in a TV

  • BuddyBuild Dashboard

    Health dashboard to present your most important BuddyBuild builds in a TV

  • Snake Classic

    A snake engine written in SpriteKit for all Apple devices. Snake on your Apple Watch!

  • Spark

    Spark is an easy to use CLI logger module that logs in color. You have use several log types, like info, success, message, etc

  • IBLocalizable

    With IBLocalizable, you can localize your views in Interface Builder easily. Simply set the new Localizable String property that shows up in Interface builder to the value that you added in your Localizable .string file.

  • Count It

    Never lose the count again. Dead simple App with Apple Watch integration that lets you count anything.

  • Send To Me

    Share content to your email with a single tap. Send to Me let you easily share content with your email with a Share Extension

  • RevealingSplashView

    A Splash view that animates and reveals its content, inspired by the Twitter splash.

  • Sea Necio

    Sea Necio (Stop bothering... roughly translated) is an Android App that will notify if the incoming call is from an annoying number like a Bank, Call Center or any other annoying source.

    You can also report phone numbers and thereby, help others users of the app.All the phone numbers currently displayed were reported by users of the App.

  • SwiftTMDB

    A sample movie app that I build to play with Swift, Alamofire, Moya, RxViewModel, RxSwift, etc.

  • VideoBackgroundViewController

    A ViewController that you can use to show a video in the background. Like the Spotify login ViewController

  • PasswordTextField

    A custom TextField with a switchable icon which shows or hides the password and enforces good password policies, written in Swift.

  • Swift Delayer

    A simple CocoaPod that wraps the GCD delay functionality, written in Swift.

  • SwiftMandrill

    SwiftMandrill provides simple alternative when you need to send an email with your iOS app. Using the Mandrill API

  • SwiftMailgun

    SwiftMailgun provides simple alternative when you need to send an email with your iOS app using MailGun API.

    Sometimes, there is the need to setup a simple email form in your iOS app, or trigger an email after an action, without having to setup your own service for that, sometimes you don't want to use the MailComposeViewController or use a SMTP library. This provide a simple alternative when you need to send an email with your iOS app.

  • Hubot Insults

    Tastefully, insult your colleagues with Hubot. A hubot plugging with more than 60 insults and 50 images to tastefully insult your colleagues.

  • Hubot Reactions

    A hubot plugging with more than 100 awesome reactions GIFs to compliment your teammates.

  • Do you want a free Cookie?

    So Subway(Costa Rica, not sure if other countries do it as well) give away a free cookie if you fill up an online poll , you can do this any number of times you want, but only ones every 24 hours.

    This is just a simple IMacro to automate the process, you will only need to set your email address(They will send a code that you show to the cashier) and your restaurant ID that you can get from an invoice.