Personalized Tours & Workshops

Why Me?

I have been leading and teaching in photography tours & workshops since 2014 with a very different approach than most people that could offer you photography tours to Costa Rica or South America.


My tours are completely personalized and we work together to come up with an itinerary that works for you and your needs.


Depending on your target species or destination I can suggest the best time of the year and the best places to try get the images that you want.


Personalized also means that the tour is tailored to your needs, and you will be traveling only with me and your group, not with a larger, mixed group of more photographers.


I am also completely open with destinations and photography locations, you can even see a lot of this information in my blog and simply go there by yourself if you want to.

But I believe that having a experience, local, guide and photographer with you, will always brings so much more in to what you can accomplish with the limited time that you have in another country.


Contact me if you have questions about Costa Rica or the tours in general. I will be happy to share any information that I  can.

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Tailored to your needs and target species
Experienced & Local
Bat Falcon, perched under the rain at Orotina Costa Rica


"We worked with Chris to get images of our dream bird, the Resplendent Quetzal. We travel for 3 days to the San Gerardo de Dota Region, where Chris took us to the best locations to photograph the Quetzal. In the first day we where able to get some really beautiful images of several males and we were able to use the rest of our trip to photograph the rest of the endemics of the area."

Colin Benson, Manchester

"We employed Chris for the first 4 days of our trip, based out of San Jose-not a city high on the birder/naturalist list but convenient for them to pick us up daily and go in a different direction each day. Chris as guide and pro photographer instructor. He is a gifted photographer and I was blessed to study under him for those four days. Each noted our 'age' and were great to help tote the gear through the weeds, through the barbed wire, across the 'jungle' and across the creeks. I cannot recommend them highly enough and when we return to CR I hope to again fall under their instruction."

Robert Moore, Minnesota

"Chris help us plan our photography tour to Costa Rica. Our main focus was hummingbirds and we where able to image so many of them. One of the highlights of our trip was learning how to work a multi-flash setup for hummingbird photography and be able to get a nice light out of it. Thanks Chris!"

Jean Brown - Colorado